President’s Message

Welcome to the Denver Police Protective Association’s new website.  While there have been a number of behind-the-scenes enhancements, what we most want from this transition is that you – whether a visitor or member — are able to find what you need as simply and quickly as possible. However, if you were familiar with our old site, we realize that this may require a slight adjustment. Please be assured that all of the content is still here, it just may be in a different place.

Having recognized a need for better communication and a better ability to disseminate information not only our members but the public, we have now included an “app” for our members. This website has been recently upgraded and refined with a new look, making it easier to navigate and learn about the PPA, our dedication to our members and the community we protect.

Since its incorporation in 1908, the Denver Police Protective Association has worked to protect the rights of law enforcement personnel and promote professionalism. For more than 100 years, the DPPA has become the largest and most respected police organization in Colorado. While many things have changed through time, what remains the same is the DPPA’s commitment to law enforcement and to making our City a better, safer and united place to live.

Today the PPA represents more 1,350 law enforcement officers and provides union-type services such as collective bargaining, labor relations assistance and legal representation. The Association also sponsors and hosts many events to assist and honor law enforcement through our charity Relief Fund.  We have been and will always remain committed.This is only a beginning. We hope to be adding content often, and helping you discover more about the Denver Police Protective Association and the officers serving your community. Thank you for visiting our website.