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Policing is difficult work and comes with significant internal police and public scrutiny.  Many split-second decisions you make may be second-guessed or evaluated by others, often well after an incident has occurred.

Your PPA membership serves as an essential form of insurance protection.  It is, therefore, not difficult to understand why almost all your colleagues seek this protection by being a member of the PPA.  Strength in numbers.

All PPA members have access to free expert legal representation and advocacy provided by our many PPA attorneys — administrative, criminal and civil, and regardless whether it is on duty or off duty conduct.

The PPA protects members by providing (whether duty related or not), including, but not limited to:

* Free legal advice 24/7
* Attorney coverage/critical incident 24/7
* Full coverage in police-conduct civil suits
* Defense of subpoena duces tecums
* Free estate planning documents
* Legal liability insurance (SB-217)

The Association provides a voice for its members on issues that matter to police at work.  Through professional and experienced representation, the PPA aims to achieve the best possible wages, benefits and employment conditions for all Denver officers.  The PPA ensures the Collective Bargaining Agreement is properly applied and you always have all you are entitled to receive, or files a grievance on your behalf.

The PPA provides advice on ad representation to members on a range of employment matters, including:

* Wages and benefits
* Conditions of employment
* Changes to work practices/processes
* Worker’s compensation attorney
* Contract negotiation with the City
* Contract grievances
* Lobbying at both City and State levels

As demanding as it is rewarding, policing often takes its toll on members.  Members need to pay particular attention to their own personal needs.  Some police experiences are unpleasant, to say the least, and can seriously impact your wellbeing.

Life also presents unexpected difficulties, whether it is illness or unfortunate circumstances making police work even more difficult.

Only the PPA provides benefits to make difficult times a little easier:

* Hardship benefit helps you financial (Relief Fund)
* Lyft/Uber reimbursement or paid taxi rides to get you home safely

Additional benefits (not inclusive):
As well as the many workplace benefits the PPA provides, there are some additional benefits exclusive to membership and only the PPA offers.

The best attorneys and most experienced Board representation available.  Attorney?  Board rep?  You decide; all you need to do is choose.

Representation i Internal Affairs
* Representation for Conduct Review
Health insurance liaison (a voice in medical/dental/vision insurance coverage to DPD officers)
* Denver Police Retiree Health Fund
* FLSA monitoring
* Longevity benefit
* Life Insurance
* Shield 616 Armor Package
* Flowers and gift baskets
* Free pens, pocket and wall calendars
* Sports sponsorships
* Family Christmas Party
* Rental reduction of Event Center
* Merchandise store
* Annual scholarship awards

Delivering Results
The PPA exists to serve its members, and continually strives to improve your wages and conditions of employment.

All, 100 percent of your dues goes back to you — to protect, represent and support you!