Loyalty Program/Shield616

The PPA hosts monthly membership meetings.

At each membership meeting there is a drawing for $50.

At each membership meeting there is a progressive drawing that goes up $100/month until a winner is drawn. 

At each membership meeting there is a Shield616 kit awarded to someone in attendance.  This is a $2,400 value.

It’s as easy as just attending.

For each member in attendance each month, your name goes into a separate “pot.”  The more meetings you attend in the year, the more times your name is in this “pot” which increases your chances to win additional things at the December meeting.

At the December membership meeting, the “loyalty” membership meeting attendees has an additional drawing for $500, as well as two all-expense paid trips to Police Week in Washington DC, together with a Shield616 kit.

The regular December drawing is whatever is left in the progressive drawing and one Shield616 kit for all who show in December.  “Loyalty” members are eligible for both and all drawings.  

Must be in attendance to win in December.