Welcome to the Denver Police Protective Association.  As your exclusive bargaining agent, we are excited and encouraged in having a close working relationship with Chief Pazen and his administration, as well as the new Executive Director of Safety, Murphy Robinson. No doubt, together we can bring great things to our officers and the community!

As your leadership, we are committed to bringing strong and effective representation to your workplace. We are also committed to extending ourselves beyond the scope of the bargaining table and into the community.

We have a great Collective Bargaining Agreement and this Agreement contains all your rights and privileges. Guard them. Your contract is your security. The PPA works tirelessly to providing you with the best possible wages, benefits and working conditions, but above all it enables you to have pride and dignity in yourself and on the job. According to Police One, Colorado ranks in the top 10 places to make a living as a police officer (#6) and an April 2018, article written by Andrew Lisa of GoBankingRates ranks Colorado #8 as best paid in the United States (using the 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics data). Your Association, the PPA, was instrumental in getting you there. We are strong and we will stay strong, and it is all thanks to you, our members!