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Force Science Institute – Preparing for Hard Conversations

The nation collectively recoiled at the death of George Floyd. We were not prepared to watch a man suffer and die while officers held him down. In that moment, our country was unified. First, in disbelief. Then helplessness. Then outrage. For those who have seen arrests and medical emergencies handled thousands of times, this wasn’t


The Denver Police Protective Association is alarmed and saddened by the event that took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As horrible as an event that occurred there, 1,000 miles from Denver, we want the citizens of our City to know all of the positive steps the Denver Police Department had, in the past few years, already


With Safer at Home underway and the phased loosening of state restrictions continuing, business and leisure activities are resuming in Denver. As of June 9, face coverings continue to be mandatory while inside of or waiting in line to enter any retail or commercial business, or any location or facility offering government or health care


It’s extremely important for you to be prepared to discuss details when reporting your injuries and when seeing a worker’s compensation doctor. If you simply report a leg injury related to running while on duty, that injury could get denied because you have to identify a hazard of employment. Therefore, be sure to be detailed

Senate passes bill ensuring LODD benefits for first responder…

The bill temporarily presumes COVID-19 to be work-related if diagnosed within 45 days of a first responder’s last shift By Laura French ( WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate has passed a bill that establishes a temporary presumption that COVID-19 is a work-related injury, ensuring that families of first responders who die from the disease will

Rash of Denver-area shootings, stabbings leaves at least 1…

DENVER — A rash of shootings and stabbings in the Denver-area in the last 24 hours has left at least one dead and 10 wounded. Only two arrests were reported from the eight incidents that kept law enforcement busy overnight. A triple shooting in the 5800 block of Ceylon Street in the Green Valley Ranch

In first week of Denver’s mask order, police responded…

City officials say they’re still focused on education as they respond to calls from stores, banks, restaurants On the afternoon of May 9, a customer walked into The Clinic Colorado on Colorado Boulevard in Denver without a mask on and attempted to buy marijuana. A store employee, Adam Mikdad, told him they could not serve

Public Safety Suggested Bill Priorities

April 29, 2020 House and Senate Leadership Joint Budget Committee Rep. KC Becker, Speaker of the House Rep. Daneya Esgar, Chair Rep. Alec Garnett, Majority Leader Sen. Dominick Moreno, Vice Chair Rep. Patrick Neville, Minority Leader Rep. Julie McCluskie, Member Sen. Leroy Garcia, Senate President Sen. Bob Rankin, Ranking Member Sen. Stephen Fenberg, Majority Leader

Due to COVID-19, Colo. judge declares mistrial in slaying…

Deputy Heath Gumm was shot in the line of duty in 2018. His killer’s trial ended in a mistrial partially due to COVID-19. (Photo/Adams County Sheriff’s Office) The trial for the man accused of killing Deputy Heath Gumm in 2018 ended amid juror concerns about the coronavirus Shelly Bradbury/Denver Post Apr 14, 2020 ADAMS COUNTY,

Dealing with the Psychological Aspects of a Quarantine

Nicoletti-Flater Associates, PLLP 3595 S. Teller St. Suite 310 | Lakewood, CO. 80235 Ph: 303-989-1617 | Fax: 303-985-3133 | _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ PHASE II OF THE NEW NORMAL Dealing with the Psychological Aspects of Being Quarantined because of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) Dealing with a public health emergency at a general level was covered in our