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Force Science News: Abolish the Police? What Other Ideas…

For the last half-century, the police profession has been defined by its commitment to constant and never-ending improvement. It seems that no matter the source of the latest theory, agencies across the country are willing to give it a try. Although most of us don’t stop to consider it, common police practices, including deterrent patrols,

Brauchler: The crime wave in Colorado has been building…

A mere ten weeks ago, I wrote in these pages of a coming crime wave. The numbers are in for the first half of 2020. I confess that I underestimated the speed and intensity of that wave, and where it would strike. It is bad, but not equally bad across Colorado. The reasons are several,

Denver on track for deadliest year in a decade…

Police say too early to tell patterns; community organizers point to gang war, youth violence A surge of shootings and stabbings in early July puts Denver on track to have its deadliest year in the past decade. In the first eight days of the month, eight people were killed in homicides in Denver and 10

Denver starts July with five homicides in six days

Five people were killed in Denver during the first six days of July, including a 19-year-old who died after being shot and a 40-year-old woman who was stabbed to death. The Denver Office of the Medical Examiner on Tuesday identified five homicide victims: July 1 — Daniel Epperson, 29, was transported from East 29th Avenue and

Exhausted cities face another challenge: a surge in violence

A spike in recent shootings has left dozens dead, including young children NEW YORK — Still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic and street protests over the police killing of George Floyd, exhausted cities around the nation are facing yet another challenge: a surge in shootings that has left dozens dead, including young children. The spike defies easy explanation, experts

District Attorney McCann Issues Officer-Involved Shooting Letter Investigation and…

DENVER—Denver District Attorney Beth McCann’s legal review of the officer-involved shooting that occurred on May 1, 2020, in the 3200 block of West Colfax Avenue in Denver, Colorado is complete. District Attorney McCann concluded that the shooting was legally justified and that no criminal charges are warranted against Officer Antonson for the reasons outlined in

LRIS: Proposed Police Reform Legislation Podcasts 1 and 2

First Podcast:  This podcast covers reform legislation proposed by U.S. Senate Democrats and the State of Colorado, as well as President Trump’s executive order on police reform. Second Podcast:  This podcast covers the Senate Republican bill on police reform and compares President Trump’s executive order, the senate Democrat’s bill, the senate Republican’s bill and