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“I am concerned about excited delirium….” Minneapolis Officer describing…

The recent release of court documents and body-cam footage surrounding George Floyd’s death predictably thrust Excited Delirium Syndrome (ExD) back into the news. Following George Floyd’s death, media outlets had already begun to revive the false, anti-police narrative that ExD is nothing more than “pseudo-science,” invented to absolve officers from excessive force. Now, the Brookings Institute,

5 ways to stop surviving and start thriving in…

Challenging times require officers to be resilient in our thinking, intentional in our communication and disciplined in our personal time I am part of a law enforcement family. My grandfather was a reserve police officer in Brea, California, in the 1960s. My father retired after over three decades of service in eastern Washington. I am

Collective Bargaining Contract Ratification Information

The ratification vote ended Friday, July 31, for the proposed 2021-2022 Collective Bargaining Agreement. The membership ratified the contract with 93 percent yes, and seven percent no. Thank you to all who participated!    


This year’s 2020 PPA Scholarship recipients are: Grace Tandus (Lee Tandus) $4,500 Amanda Tran (Bihn Tran) $4,000 Spencer Chuck (Mark Chuck) $3,500 Haley Murphy (Scott Murphy) $3,000 Congratulations to all recipients and thank you to all who participated!  Look for the 2021 application on April 1.     

LRIS: Proposed Police Reform Legislation Podcasts 1 and 2

First Podcast:  This podcast covers reform legislation proposed by U.S. Senate Democrats and the State of Colorado, as well as President Trump’s executive order on police reform. Second Podcast:  This podcast covers the Senate Republican bill on police reform and compares President Trump’s executive order, the senate Democrat’s bill, the senate Republican’s bill and


The Senate has passed SB20-217.  It was introduced to the House on June 9, 2020.  There are three readings in the House; two have already passed, with little substantive changes. However, the PPA, together with its lobbyists, Lombard & Clayton, continue to work with the language of this Bill — to the extent possible.  The

Watch Company Releases Powerful Pro-Police Ad Amid Anti-Police Climate…

In the midst of numerous major companies falling over themselves to send out messages promoting a twisted narrative based on partial truths about law enforcement, one company, Egard Watches, which was in the spotlight last year when it released a response to Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” commercial, has released a YouTube video dedicated to police officers.