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Some Tips to Writing a Good Report!

The PPA is always committed to taking care of its members!  We are here to help in every aspect of our profession and one of the most important, is something we do on a daily basis — report writing. You should always be cognizant of how important a good statement helps not only you, but


Congratulations to all who applied for the 2021 PPA Scholarship award. There were 16 applicants and two awards granted this year.   The 2021 PPA Scholarship recipients are: Levi Tucker Son of Technician Les Tucker $10,000 Avery Hall Daughter of Officer W. Dean Hall $10,000   The 2022 scholarship application will be available April 1, 2022.  

Intensive One-Day Sergeant Assessment Center In-Basket and Tactical Exercise…

Intensive One-Day Sergeant Assessment Center In-Basket and Tactical Exercise Prep Saturday, July 17th 0800-1600 PPA Event Center FREE to PPA members Taught by Denver officers for Denver officers. Learn techniques and strategies to prepare, present, and succeed in your Assessment Center. You will receive In-Basket and Tactical scenarios, along with a proven system to communicate

Annual PPA Relief Fund Golf Tournament

Annual PPA Relief Fund Charity Golf Tournament June 15, 2021 The Ranch Country Club Sign up by contacting, calling 303-433-8247 ext 1001, or texting Linda at 303-884-6923!

A letter to the American public: Why you must…

If you recruit well, conduct thorough background checks and train constantly, you can have a human with a kind heart and good ethics – but you can’t have perfection It’s time for the American public to decide what we want from law enforcement. Warriors? Counselors? Guardians? Priests? Social workers? Magicians? Do we want the cheapest cops possible? Or, do

Federal Court Upholds Facebook Discipline

Ariel Lindsay has been a Cook County, Illinois deputy sheriff since 2004, and was assigned to the Court Services Unit in the Criminal Courts Building in Chicago. From July 6, 2016, through July 8, 2016, Lindsay made several posts to her Facebook account. Those posts referenced the July 2016 shooting of police officers in Dallas,

Houston District Fire Chief Loses Social Media Case

He thought because he “made a post in a private social media group” he was safe, but he was wrong.   Steven Dunbar, a District Chief for the Houston Fire Department (HFD), made a post in a private social media group for HFD firefighters in July 2019. Discussing a transfer opportunity HFD had posted the month

Pre-1996 Vacation Payback

DPD Human Resources conducted an audit of vacation time and as a result, officers hired prior to 1996, who were forced to take vacation immediately upon graduation from the Academy, and prior to having accrued any time, were being told this “forced” vacation would have to be paid back upon separation or retirement from the

WHAT IS THE RULE OF 80? (Summary By FPPA)(Effective…

This provision provides for a normal retirement as early as age 50, if a member’s combined years of service and age totals 80 or more. In order to fund the Rule of 80, a corresponding 1% increase in employer contributions will be implemented (0.5% per year over two years) in 2029 and 2030. Under this

2020 Drawing Recipients

Loyalty Drawing $500 Jarrod Tinnin $500 is awarded every December to one lucky member who has attended one or more monthly membership meetings.  The more meetings you attend, the more chances you have to win! Shield 616 Kits Humberto Marquez, Jr. #05158 Dave Bourgeois #97035 Josh Vance #13044 The Shield616 kit is drawn monthly and