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Mental Health Awareness Month

A Message from Resiliency and Wellness… May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Even though we should focus on our Total Health daily as we create a culture of healthy lifestyle habits, sometimes we need a reminder to help us recenter and refocus our intentions on what is truly important. Our Mental Health and our Physical

Mayor’s Health Order/COVID-19 Testing/ US Dept. of Labor Complaint…

Grievance Update:  Richard Ahern from Seattle, Washington has been chosen as the arbitrator.  Stay tuned for further information. Step 1 of the grievance process through the Collective Bargaining Agreement has been filed. PPA’s Step 1 can be found here:  Chief Archer – Step 1 OT Grievance for COVID-19 Testing Step 1 was denied and the

No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy In Cell Phone Backups…

Jennifer Smith was a police officer for the City of Pelham, Alabama. When the police chief became concerned that Smith was excessively using sick time and time of, particularly on Fridays and Mondays, he asked a detective to conduct a forensic analysis of Smith’s work computer. The City has a Computer/Email & Internet Use Policy

Court: DPD had insufficient grounds to search boy wearing…

Colorado’s second-highest court found that two Denver officers needed more justification to search a juvenile than the fact he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt in the summer, and consequently, the drugs discovered on the boy should not have been allowed as evidence.  Based on that unlawful search, a three-judge panel for the Court of Appeals

Dangers in Use of Social Media by Law Enforcement

Social media has become an accepted part of our everyday lives. Whether it be t-ball games, holiday pictures, or graduation ceremonies, events and moments can be instantly shared with thousands, even millions of people. This ability to instantaneously broadcast our lives can be a wonderful way to connect with friends and family who might live

Why ‘free speech’ keeps costing cops their careers

Not understanding the legal arena for speech and how it’s been changed by the internet is resulting in career fatalities and making police work more dangerous There it was in my email inbox last week: News of another career fatality over an officer’s social media post. Florida officer Matthew Moriarity, 24, had posted a Snapchat selfie

Do your social media posts pass the bullhorn test?

Don’t be misled into thinking the First Amendment protects you from becoming a social media career casualty There’s a mistaken notion among many public employees that the First Amendment protects them from being fired for their online speech. It doesn’t, even if they’re off duty on their own device – unless the speech passes a tough legal

Letter to Mayor Hancock – August 2 Health Order/Mandatory…

Thank you Denver Fire Fighters Local 858, ATU Local 1563 (The Amalgamated Transit Union), Teamsters Local 17, as well as DSU/IUPA Local #380 (Denver Sheriff Union) for partnering with the PPA demanding information from Mayor Hancock regarding the COVID-19 mandatory vaccination health Order! For a full sized copy of the joint letter to the Mayor,

12th Annual Donnie Young Memorial Softball Tournament

The Annual Donnie Young Memorial Softball Tournament is in honor of Denver Police Officer Donnie Young who was tragically killed in the line of duty in 2005. Donnie was a member of CDIA and this event is in his honor. All proceeds from the softball tournament will go the the CDIA Survivors Benefit Fund which