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Pre-1996 Vacation Payback

DPD Human Resources conducted an audit of vacation time and as a result, officers hired prior to 1996, who were forced to take vacation immediately upon graduation from the Academy, and prior to having accrued any time, were being told this “forced” vacation would have to be paid back upon separation or retirement from the

WHAT IS THE RULE OF 80? (Summary By FPPA)(Effective…

This provision provides for a normal retirement as early as age 50, if a member’s combined years of service and age totals 80 or more. In order to fund the Rule of 80, a corresponding 1% increase in employer contributions will be implemented (0.5% per year over two years) in 2029 and 2030. Under this

2020 Drawing Recipients

Loyalty Drawing $500 Jarrod Tinnin $500 is awarded every December to one lucky member who has attended one or more monthly membership meetings.  The more meetings you attend, the more chances you have to win! Shield 616 Kits Humberto Marquez, Jr. #05158 Dave Bourgeois #97035 Josh Vance #13044 The Shield616 kit is drawn monthly and

LODD: Colo. LEO killed in head-on crash by suspected…

Det. Curt Holland and a civilian were killed in the three-vehicle crash Duty Death: Curt Holland – [Commerce City, Colorado] End of Service: 10/16/2020 COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — A three-vehicle crash Friday evening in Commerce City left two people dead and one with life-threatening injuries. According to the State Patrol, the incident happened as follows: A

District Attorney McCann Issues Officer-Involved Shooting Letter Investigation and…

DENVER—Denver District Attorney Beth McCann’s legal review of the officer-involved shooting that occurred on May 1, 2020, in the 3200 block of West Colfax Avenue in Denver, Colorado is complete. District Attorney McCann concluded that the shooting was legally justified and that no criminal charges are warranted against Officer Antonson for the reasons outlined in

Carroll: For decades I’ve supported efforts to curtail police…

More than 80% of all citizens killed by police in Colorado from 2014 through the end of last year were armed, usually with a gun. Eighty-six percent were high on drugs or alcohol, with methamphetamine showing up in an astonishing 44% of total cases. Colorado Public Radio reporters, who compiled those statistics, noted how meth,

Watch Company Releases Powerful Pro-Police Ad Amid Anti-Police Climate…

In the midst of numerous major companies falling over themselves to send out messages promoting a twisted narrative based on partial truths about law enforcement, one company, Egard Watches, which was in the spotlight last year when it released a response to Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” commercial, has released a YouTube video dedicated to police officers.


The Denver Police Protective Association is alarmed and saddened by the event that took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As horrible as an event that occurred there, 1,000 miles from Denver, we want the citizens of our City to know all of the positive steps the Denver Police Department had, in the past few years, already


It’s extremely important for you to be prepared to discuss details when reporting your injuries and when seeing a worker’s compensation doctor. If you simply report a leg injury related to running while on duty, that injury could get denied because you have to identify a hazard of employment. Therefore, be sure to be detailed