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Mental Health Awareness Month

A Message from Resiliency and Wellness… May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Even though we should focus on our Total Health daily as we create a culture of healthy lifestyle habits, sometimes we need a reminder to help us recenter and refocus our intentions on what is truly important. Our Mental Health and our Physical

Mayor’s Health Order/COVID-19 Testing/ US Dept. of Labor Complaint…

Grievance Update:  Richard Ahern from Seattle, Washington has been chosen as the arbitrator.  Stay tuned for further information. Step 1 of the grievance process through the Collective Bargaining Agreement has been filed. PPA’s Step 1 can be found here:  Chief Archer – Step 1 OT Grievance for COVID-19 Testing Step 1 was denied and the

Cops deserve, and need, respect – EDITORIAL BOARD

Disregard for the badge has been on the rise in Colorado — both among the criminal element and, more disturbingly, among some of the elected officials who write our laws. It’s unfair to the thousands of Coloradans who put their lives on the line daily to enforce the law, keep the peace and protect us

Gazette Editorial: A police chief speaks out on crime…

“Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong” Ella Jane Fitzgerald, American jazz vocalist In an extensive and frank interview with The Gazette editorial board on Wednesday, Pazen made clear his frustration with a growing disconnect between those who make, prosecute and adjudicate Colorado’s laws — and the cops whose

THE GAZETTE EDITORIAL BOARD: Coloradans can’t outrun, or out-drive,…

When crime rises, people try to take precautions to avoid danger. If your nearby public park has been overtaken by people in illegal tents struggling with drug addiction and mental health, you walk your dog somewhere else at dusk. But it’s a different thing, all together, when crime is the kind you can’t avoid. Just

Doug Friednash: Democrats, ignore the crime wave at your…

A man uses his phone in front of police cars blocking a street after a shooting at a restaurant in Washington, DC, on July 22, 2021. Democrats, reading the tea leaves from Tuesday’s election, would be wise to make public safety one of their highest priorities. Many neighborhoods have become unsafe and Americans want action.

Editorial: Democrats say crime is down … if you…

by Washington Examiner| September 14, 2021 12:00 AM In 2020, the year police were turned into the bad guys, murder rose by 25% in the U.S., according to preliminary FBI data. That is an astounding increase for a single year. Correlation does not necessarily imply causation. But then, sometimes it does, or at least it seems

Letter to Mayor Hancock – August 2 Health Order/Mandatory…

Thank you Denver Fire Fighters Local 858, ATU Local 1563 (The Amalgamated Transit Union), Teamsters Local 17, as well as DSU/IUPA Local #380 (Denver Sheriff Union) for partnering with the PPA demanding information from Mayor Hancock regarding the COVID-19 mandatory vaccination health Order! For a full sized copy of the joint letter to the Mayor,

12th Annual Donnie Young Memorial Softball Tournament

The Annual Donnie Young Memorial Softball Tournament is in honor of Denver Police Officer Donnie Young who was tragically killed in the line of duty in 2005. Donnie was a member of CDIA and this event is in his honor. All proceeds from the softball tournament will go the the CDIA Survivors Benefit Fund which

PPA General Membership Meeting – Friday, August 13

Thank you to all members who attended August’s general membership meeting.  Please know your voices are heard and will continue to be heard, and the PPA continues to work on an alternative to the Mayor’s August 2 health Order. For those who were unable to attend, below is a handout on the legal issues surrounding