2020 Law Enforcement Bill List

Here’s a link to the 2020 law enforcement bill list for this year’s legislative session. This will provide all members with real time information on the bills, hearings, amendments, fiscal

PPA Christmas Party

If you missed the 2019 PPA Christmas party, don’t miss it this year.  Look for information in the coming months about Santa coming to visit in December!  Thank you to

Trooper’s Garrity Rights Violated

Trooper’s Garrity Rights Violated September 20, 2019 Christopher Kober was a trooper with the Nebraska State Patrol. Kober was criminally charged on June 1, 2017, with theft by receiving stolen

New Rewards Program!

Beginning March 1, the PPA now has a Multiple Membership Meetings Rewards Program.  In December and in addition to the usual progressive drawing, there will be an additional Multiple Membership