Mental Health Awareness Month

A Message from Resiliency and Wellness… May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Even though we should focus on our Total Health daily as we create a culture of healthy lifestyle habits, sometimes we need a reminder to help us recenter and refocus our intentions on what is truly important. Our Mental Health and our Physical

Crime’s causes agreed on but not solutions at symposium

Crime rates in Colorado have jumped in the past three years, especially vehicle thefts, burglaries, homicides and aggravated assaults. Law enforcement officials, criminologists and public health experts seem to agree that the increases don’t have a single cause. But they’re divided on what they believe are the most significant contributors, be it public policy decisions

Mayor’s Health Order/COVID-19 Testing/ US Dept. of Labor Complaint…

Grievance Update:  Richard Ahern from Seattle, Washington has been chosen as the arbitrator.  Stay tuned for further information. Step 1 of the grievance process through the Collective Bargaining Agreement has been filed. PPA’s Step 1 can be found here:  Chief Archer – Step 1 OT Grievance for COVID-19 Testing Step 1 was denied and the

Officers get citizens appreciation award

A local nonprofit on Wednesday honored six Denver police officers with the “Citizens Appreciate Police” Award for their acts of kindness and compassion in their community. Citizens Appreciate Police recognizes local officers who serve “above and beyond the regular call of duty,” according to the nonprofit. “It’s no secret that 2021 provided new challenges for

No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy In Cell Phone Backups…

Jennifer Smith was a police officer for the City of Pelham, Alabama. When the police chief became concerned that Smith was excessively using sick time and time of, particularly on Fridays and Mondays, he asked a detective to conduct a forensic analysis of Smith’s work computer. The City has a Computer/Email & Internet Use Policy

OPINION When politics replaces heroes by Salena Zito, National…

PITTSBURGH — Just moments after the press reported there had been no fatalities in the collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge, the tragic event instantly turned into a political spectacle. “Shame on the Republican lawmakers who didn’t support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” tweeted Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf. “Pennsylvanian lives are on the line. It’s long past time for the

Cops deserve, and need, respect – EDITORIAL BOARD

Disregard for the badge has been on the rise in Colorado — both among the criminal element and, more disturbingly, among some of the elected officials who write our laws. It’s unfair to the thousands of Coloradans who put their lives on the line daily to enforce the law, keep the peace and protect us

Bring cops back to Denver’s schools/The Gazette Editorial Board

Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy Travis Jones lifts the spirits of a student having a rough day at Peabody Elementary School in Centennial, where Jones serves as a school resource officer. Cops who serve on Colorado’s K-12 campuses have been nothing short of heroes. They have saved students’ lives — literally — and also have changed

PERSPECTIVE: Denver chief explains Colorado’s soaring crime rate/The Gazette…

Denver Police chief Paul Pazen speaks about the cross-town shooting spree that left five people dead the previous night during a press conference at the Lakewood Police Department on Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021, in Lakewood, Colo. (Timothy Hurst/The Gazette) As Colorado endures a statewide spike in crime — including violence, murders and property crimes — The Gazette’s editorial