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A reminder about the PPA Safe Drive Program and…

A reminder about the PPA Safe Drive Program and how it works

This program provides a voucher cab ride, or Uber/Lyft reimbursement, for PPA members seeking a responsible ride home, when having too much to drink, for a mere one time a year donation of $5.00 to the Relief Fund. Just contact Metro Taxi for your ride, present your pre-paid voucher to the driver, and you will be provided a safe ride home. At no time, will you have to provide your name to the driver, or present any kind of identification whatsoever. This program is completely anonymous. Alternatively, contact the PPA with evidence of your Uber/Lyft ride and you will be reimbursed.

The DPPA Safe Drive Committee asks that you adhere to the following rules:

  1. The voucher is not be used for a ride to a bar or restaurant; it is strictly for a ride home.
  2. The voucher is not to be used for “bar hopping;” receiving rides from one establishment to another is prohibited. The voucher [or reimbursement] should only be used for a ride home.
  3. The cab ride [or Uber/Lyft] will not have multiple drops offs at different locations. It is a singular ride, from an establishment, to your last destination.
  4. The voucher shall not be used by anyone but you. Do not allow others to utilize your voucher [if there is a guest with you, Metro Taxi does not charge an additional fee, but they must be dropped off at your final destination].
  5. If you work club jobs, you can use your voucher in order to provide another PPA member, and only another PPA member, a ride home with your voucher or Uber/Lyft reimbursement.

The cab voucher or Uber/Lyft reimbursement should be used as a safe ride home, when you realize you have had too much drink, and know that driving is a mistake. This is an honor system, please don’t abuse it!

Cab vouchers and Uber/Lyft reimbursements available at the PPA offices.