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Help Adeline Gray get her family to the Olympics!

April 28, 2016

Now that I’ve qualified for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, my dream is closer than ever: to be the first female U.S. Olympic Wrestling Champion! I’m reaching out to my best friends, followers and fans to ask for your help in order to get my family to join me in Rio for the Olympics!

My father and ex-coach, George, is a policeman and detective in Denver and he recently broke his foot, taking away his ability to earn enough funds for me to take him, mom, my three sisters and my boyfriend to Rio. It’s going to take us over $25,000 for airline tickets, ground transportation and lodging in Rio and this isn’t money we have.

I’ve fought my whole life to do something other girls haven’t and my family has been my bedrock through this entire process. Please help me honor their commitment by helping me raise enough funds to take them with me as I chase my dreams of a Gold Medal in Rio in August. It won’t be the same without them there with me, so I’m using Maxletics to raise the funds for this trip.

Please consider giving today, as any amount helps me towards my goal of having my family with me in Rio.

Thanks from the very bottom of my heart!



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