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April 09, 2016

DA Candidate Forum April 1, 2016

Each candidate was asked these questions with four minutes to respond to the first three, one minute for the last one:

1. How would you have handled the most recent police use of force cases that resulted in citizen fatalities; would you have charged in those cases – why or why not:

a. Paul Castaway
b. Jessica Hernandez
c. Marvin Booker

If unfamiliar with these incidents, why haven’t you read the files?

2. If you are the elected District Attorney, how do you propose to handle officer involved critical incidents? Would you allow the involved officer(s) to view their body worn video prior to making a statement?

3. Describe the content and type of training you believe the Denver Police Department needs in light of your comments in this campaign about improved officer training and how will you partner with the Police Department to improve training?

4. Recent statistics show assault to a peace officer has risen approximately 100 percent in the past three years.  Based on these statistics, do you support Congressman Ken Buck’s proposed Blue Lives Matter Act of 2016?

The Executive Board of the PPA has carefully vetted the candidates
and after much consideration, has unanimously voted
to endorse HELEN MORGAN for Denver District Attorney. 

Please find out how you can help support Helen with her campaign
by contacting any Board member or the PPA.